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Public Notes
Wednesday, February 12, 2020 Conference1
3rd Razawi National Academic Festival
An International Conference on the Religious Foundations of the Healthcare System with an Emphasis on Razawi Teachings
University of Qom
Mar 4, 2020
Abstract Submission Deadline: Feb 19, 2020
Date and Venue: Mar 4, 2020, University of Qom
Conference Secretariat Address: University of Qom, Central Library and Archives
Phone: +98-25-3210 3428
Fax: +98-25-3285 4129
A. Islamic Jurisprudence:
      Jurisprudential bases of health
      Islamic jurisprudence and physical and mental health
      Islamic jurisprudence and social health – Islamic jurisprudence and nutrition health
      Islamic jurisprudence and therapeutic methods (traditional methods, modern methods)
      Islamic jurisprudence and the environment
      Ijtihad in the field of health
      Jurisprudential investigation of conflicts of some therapeutic methods with Sharia law
      Islamic jurisprudence and laws of hygiene, treatment and health
      Treatments using the prohibited
B. Quran and the Hadith:
      Conceptology of health and hygiene in religious literature
      Categorizing and review of the verses of Quran and Hadith in the field of health
      Status of Quran in the field of health
      Miracle in the field of treatment
      Hygiene, health and treatment in exegesis and Hadiths
      Medical ethics and health ethics in Quran and Hadith
      Hadith sources and books in the field of hygiene and health
      Alteration and distortion in health-related Hadith
      Insertion in health-related Hadith
      Anxiety in health-related Hadith
      Partitioning and deletion in health-related Hadith
      Altered quoting in health-related Hadith
-      Philosophical and Kalāmi foundations of hygiene, treatment and health (ontology, epistemology, anthropology, world view, eschatology, axiology)
      Religion, health system and medical knowledge
      Medical thoughts and works of Muslim philosophers
      Relationship between soul and body and its relationship with hygiene, treatment and health
      Religious knowledge, spirituality and health
      Wisdom and medicine
      Philosophy of the Islamic provisions and healthy nutrition style
D. Ethics:
      Moral principles and foundations of healthcare system
      Healthcare ethics (meaning, criterion and norm)
      Health and ethics
      Rationality and moral health
      Health and happiness
      Health (physical, mental and psychological)
      Lack of health and moral conflicts
      Injustice and healthcare damages
      Health and moral responsibility
      Health and moral action
      Moral health and utopia
E. History and Civilization:
      History and status of medicine in Islamic civilization
      Methods of teaching medicine in Islamic history and civilization
      Healthcare centers of Muslims
      Innovations of Muslims in medical sciences
      The role of Ahl al-Bayt (AS) in the field of health, hygiene and treatment
      Islamic life style and health and hygiene
      Religious institutions (especially government) and health and hygiene
      Preservation of Razawi prescriptions in Islamic culture and civilization
      Reasons of tendency towards traditional medicine in contemporary Iranian society
      Cultural perspectives on health
      Health and hygiene from the perspective of Imam Khomeini and the Supreme Leader
      Poetry and Literature in physical and mental health
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